COLOURS ALL AROUND: murals, trompe l’oeil, signs, ceramic panels, scenographies, decorations on walls, furniture, doors, screens and much more. A painted wall gives a room a more welcoming  and special atmosphere, making it distinguishable from any other. My activity is addressed not only to privates but also to public exercises, such as shops, pubs, restaurants, agritourisms, bed and breakfasts, or to the restoration of ancient buildings or country houses, where unique decorations can reinforce the character of the rooms, making them more suggestive.
Naturally, every job has its own characteristics, due to the location, brightness, quality of the wall, complexity of the required decoration, etc. Site inspection free of charge within an estimated range of 85 km, but in any case cheap.


After the inspection I prepare 1 or 2 colored sketches (watercolors or acrylics) in scale to the surface to decorate and I propose them for approval and for any changes. These are always free but are not transferable: the customer can view them but they remain my own property.

After approval of the budget, I rewuire 30% of the agreed proce, both as a guarantee, that as an advance on the purchase of necessary equipment.

Regarding the execution times, each case is different and so will be valid the agreement reached and signed with the customer. During execution you can request changes (for example: expansion of the surface to paint or adding details or writings): this will be possible as long as the decoration is still at an early stage and the colors are not “fixed” on the wall.

As regards the additional costs will count the agreemetns reached and signed at the time.

On critic A. Iozzo wrote:

“…reflexes of nature for reflections on a canvas… these are the works of Diana. Tales of poetry spoken by the voice of the universe that elevate the expression of states of mind at the very moment the eye strokes the immensity that surrounds us, forgetting the frenetic daily hurries. The effect is beautiful: landscapes shaken by the wind, coloured vibrations of the leaves enlightened by the sun, herons, hedgehogs, tender animals absolutely peaceful and free amaze the viewer and give him deep emotions. Technical, plastic and aesthetic skill seem to build this delicate balance with emphasis on the details and effects of light: branches, trees and then leaves, taken in the turmoil of the air, a featheryness of movement that seems to lead us to new, vibrant visions, which speak to the contemporary...”